Welcome to my blog… and to tracking me…

This year I have set out to track my dream of being a ‘digital kite nomad’ (the digital bit means I get to work remotely on my laptop, the nomad bit, to live a few months at a time in some glorious location, and the kite bit – oh yeah!! – to kitesurf in the selfsame).

And this blog is an invitation for you to track (with) me on the adventure.

It is intended as a kind of scrap book which you can dip into at random, each post has a little precis to tell you what to expect, and if you click on the headline, it will take you to the full post. (Try it with the headline of this post!)

There’ll be text, scrappy and scruffy, pictures, and sounds – mini podcasts or mood-casts you can stick on while driving, or dusting, or dozing….
There’ll be two languages – German and English.
To find your way around, you can click on SHOW in the top corner and see a list of recent posts, and under categories, pick the language and topic that interests you most just now.
Otherwise, just keep scrolling down the page to see all the posts to date!
I hope you’ll enjoy! And do feel free to leave a comment or a like, so I know you wuz ‘ere! 🙂

Bird Count

So I went to help out on a bird count the other day with A Rocha Kenya, an amazing Christian conservation organisation, to the Sabaki river estuary; the Athi-Galana-Sabaki River being the second longest river in Kenya and home to a vast diversity of wildlife including birds, hippos, and crocodiles. We counted thousands of waders and several raptors incl. an African fish […]